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2013.09.14 SNN The Nine Bonds (Part 2)

posted Sep 9, 2013, 9:38 AM by Seminar Coordinator   [ updated Sep 12, 2013, 7:10 AM ]

Discussion Questions

  1. At every stage of learning, we should learn to differentiate good from bad. We should apply the good and use the bad as an opportunity for self-reflection: Can you relate something in your daily life that fits this?
  2. Is every Commissioner or Faith Corps a perfect example of a teacher to Interns? How did the doctors in training choose who would be their most effective teacher? Relate this to your everyday life...have you learned also, from your "bad" teachers? Why is learning from our "bad" teachers important? What is it that we learn?
  3. Master discusses particular, respecting other religions. Relate this to your previous perception of Tzu Chi... How does this relate to the way you think about being a volunteer?
  4. We all have bad habits. When they grow, these can run our Actions and are difficult to undo. How does this relate to our daily lives?
  5. Entanglements begin with what we say, do and think. They form the basis of why Master asks that we "Say Good Words, Do Good Deeds, Think Good Thoughts..and correlate to the Three Realms...Past/Present/Future.. We say and use this in Training and to our New you know why Master asks us to do these things... Relate how this knowledge could have...or will, help you in the future as a Tzu Chi Volunteer...

2013.09.14 SNN The Nine Bonds ‎(Part 2)‎