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2013.09.28 SNN The Nine Bonds (Part 4)

posted Sep 22, 2013, 7:40 AM by Seminar Coordinator   [ updated Sep 26, 2013, 7:11 AM ]

2013.09.28 SNN The Nine Bonds ‎‎‎(Part 4)‎‎‎

Discussion Topics

  1. "There is no other way to learn the Dharma. Our minds must be resolute, and our resolve great. If we are determined and can make great vows, we are true Buddhist practitioners. But how do we stay true when we are often influenced by ignorance?"  As Certified Volunteers, following the Bodhisattva Path and Master, we are "Buddhist Practitioners". Can one be a Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Atheist Buddhist Practitioner? What do you feel Master believes.?..and can you think of an example how Master and Tzu Chi put this Mindset about being a Buddhist Practitioner in Action? (Hint: South Africa)
  2. According to this Dharma Explanation by Master, which is more important? Wisdom or Blessings? What will occur when we live our lives with Wisdom and do not create Blessings? What will occur when we only create Blessings and do not cultivate our Wisdom?
  3. Master tells us that volunteering at our Hospitals is Spiritual Cultivation. " After seeing so much, we become objective observers. We can delve into understanding their lives and we can quickly un-entangle ourselves as well. We understand that life is like this. We enter into suffering in order to understand it, in order to realize the Truth." The Dharma is understanding Life's Truths. Why can't we just read this and ponder..why must we actually DO things? (like work in a hospital) to cultivate ourselves? Your thoughts?
  4. "We should know that we can eliminate ignorance. Do not say, "That's just the way I am. It's in my nature to be hot tempered." No one is born with a temper, it is a habit. We should know that we can eliminate ignorance." The above requires discipline and self-control. How do you think the Ten Precepts (the Moral Code of Tzu Chi Volunteers) fit into all of this? The Ten Precepts
  5. The Buddha said, "Learn the Way, see the Truth. Thus ignorance is eliminated. Delusions and ignorance will be eliminated. And light will persist." If we enter a room with lightness, rather than stumbling in a room of darkness, can this help us on our Tzu Chi path? Will we be able to help others with greater effectiveness when we ourselves live in less ignorance and delusion? Share your thoughts..

2013.09.28 SNN The Nine Bonds ‎(Part 4)‎ Transcript