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2013.10.05 SNN The Nine Bonds (Part 5)

posted Sep 29, 2013, 6:07 AM by Seminar Coordinator   [ updated Oct 5, 2013, 5:32 AM ]

2013.10.05 SNN The Nine Bonds (Part 5)

Group Study Guide

Topics to Discuss

  1. "With these Views, "delusions thrive as we become attached". We are deluded in thinking that we are the greatest, that our perspective is the best, and that we are going the right way. When we are adamant and strongly attached to our views, we "commit a wide range of bad deeds".   Master wants us to build consensus on most does this help us protect ourselves against this VIEW OF SELF?
  2. "We practice to develop proper conduct. Our behavior and the purpose of our life must be correct, otherwise how can we cultivate our minds and our character? If we stray, then we act improperly." A Disciple of Master, Joe Huang, talks about the PURPOSE OF LIFE in a recent interview. Your thoughts on Joe's sharing clip HERE and this question: Do I know the PURPOSE OF LIFE?
  3. Before we begin grasping, our thoughts and perceptions stray wildly. We do not care if we are right or wrong. When we see something, all we think about is how to get it. Then we take action and thoroughly lose our way. That is how problems and unrest arise in our society. How does the Moral Code of Tzu Chi via The Ten Precepts protect us from the above? Please share your thoughts.
  4. Master tells us the story of the 16 year old American boy who went to Iraq...illustrating the Three Views in perfect detail.  How does our society promote such Views? 
  5. We all have these thoughts in our minds. That is why we have to take care of our minds and our views, so we are not entrenched in opposition. We have to contemplate whether we are right or wrong, and whether others are right or wrong. We need to analyze carefully, and not oppose things just for the sake of opposition. How is developing this mindset promoted in Tzu Chi?

2013.10.05 SNN The Nine Bonds ‎(Part 5)‎ Transcript