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2013.10.12 SNN The Nine Bonds (Part 6) Grasping of Views

posted Oct 8, 2013, 7:18 AM by Seminar Coordinator   [ updated Oct 11, 2013, 4:52 PM ]

2013.10.12 SNN The Nine Bonds ‎(Part 6)‎

Study Guide

Topics for Discussion Tonight

  1. "We become afflicted when we grasp things based on our own views. We fight over that which does not belong to us, and create many disputes. These are all caused by the Grasping of Views." What is your "take away" on the above statement? How can you guard against falling into this trap and thus becoming prone to more afflictions?
  2. In the case of the conjoined twins who could not be helped by Tzu Chi due to the parents' clinging to strict religious precepts...what is your feeling about this story?  How do you think the medical team handled it?  How would you reconcile this to yourself? 
  3. "Even with the right path marked for us, we still have a long way to go. Long journeys take time. Yet time, space, and human interactions are unpredictable. How big is space? How many conflicts arise in our relationships? How much longer do we have in this life to do what we really want to do?" When Master gives us these warnings, what do you believe Master wants us to understand? What are these warnings designed to impress upon us?
  4. But if you ask me, "Have you unraveled all your knots?"


    I must tell you, "Not yet". Sentient beings have many afflictions and I still have them as well.


    But in any case, we must unravel our own Bonds. No one else can do it for us. Being open-minded and walking on the right path is the right thing to do." What do the above sentences do for your understanding and connection to Master Cheng Yen and Tzu Chi?

2013.10.12 SNN The Nine Bonds ‎(Part 6)‎ TRANSCRIPT