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2013.10.26 SNN The Nine Bonds (Part 8) JEALOUSY

posted Oct 21, 2013, 6:59 AM by Seminar Coordinator   [ updated Oct 21, 2013, 8:02 AM ]

Wisdom At Dawn Group Study

Discussion Topics

  1. Spiritual cultivation is a process of purifying our minds. We have accumulated garbage and ignorance. As we clear it out bit by bit, we should take care not to add more. Then over time, our minds will be clear. So whether we are speaking or listening, we must constantly self-reflect. TOPIC: How does the actual work of Tzu Chi (Community Service Hours) help us accomplish self-reflection so that we may clarify our minds?
  2. Ordinary people are weak. We mean well but our will is not strong enough, so we are easily influenced. TOPIC: What has Master created for us in Tzu Chi to protect us against bad/evil influences?
  3. Master explains that the foundation for Jealousy is GREED. "...It is said, "Character is enhanced when one seeks nothing." If we expect nothing for ourselves and help others, we naturally enhance our character. TOPIC: How do you think Community Service Hours can aid us in reducing the pain associated with Jealousy?
  4. "...So we need to adjust our mindset. When others are charitable, or when they are diligent or do good deeds, do not look at them and say, "that person did this or that...", making comments about them. That is bad and creates speech karma...." TOPIC: When we should violate this advice in the future, what does Master hope we can do to help us?