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2013.11.30 Water Repentance The Ten Fetters (Part 4) 9:00 PM (Pacific)

posted Nov 29, 2013, 5:56 PM by Seminar Coordinator   [ updated Nov 29, 2013, 7:01 PM ]

2013.11.30 The Ten Fetters ‎‎(Part 4)‎‎ 21:00 (9 pm) Pacific

Discussion Topics

  1. A restless mind cannot settle down. Our thoughts roam all over the place and we cannot complete tasks. This is caused by restlessness.


    So to be "restless" is to be "swayed" if we are unsettled, we waver and have no self confidence. If our self-confidence often wavers, then our confidence in others is also shaken, and we become doubtful. DISCUSSION: Self-Confidence dampens restlessness. The more Self-Confident one is, the less Restless. Think of a Tzu Chi Volunteer whom you admire and wish to emulate: Rank their "Self Confidence".... Do you perceive it to be HIGH, AVERAGE or LOWER than other volunteers?
  2. Master reminds us: We often say, "Faith is the source of the Way, mother of merits. It fosters all the roots of goodness." If we do not trust ourselves, then we doubt our own character. And if we doubt our character, we feel inferior and unable to deal with people, matters or things. If we are not confident, we cannot succeed at anything. But if we cannot let go of ego, then we have Inferior Arrogance. DISCUSSION: If we do not have real FAITH in the Ten Precepts, Master's Teachings or the elements of Tzu Chi which make it what it is (uniforms, etiquette, decision making, Tzu Chi Spirit, Humility, etc...) Can you see how this can be the cause of suffering? How do we overcome these doubts so we can have a peaceful and happy life on the Bodhisattva Path? Suggestions?
  3. "But drowsy people lack patience and let things pass them by. "If I cannot learn it, then fine, I will learn something else" Drowsiness is the opposite of Restlessness. A restless mind keeps moving, but a drowsy mind is sluggish. Whatever is done is done. They no longer have the perseverance to learn, to listen, or to understand." DISCUSSION: Where do we gain the motivation to truly learn, listen and understand? Does it come from just a WILL or are there other factors involved? Do the TEN PRECEPTS come into play here? What do you think?

2013.11.30 The Ten Fetters ‎(Part 4)‎

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