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2013.12.21 The Eleven Universal Agents [Part 2]

posted Dec 18, 2013, 6:20 AM by Seminar Coordinator   [ updated Dec 20, 2013, 7:45 AM ]

2013.12.21 The Eleven Universal Agents ‎[Part 2]‎

Discussion Topics

Topics for Discussion:

  1. Taking what is impermanent as permanent, one will become attached, and start to accumulate desires.  As ordinary people living in this mundane volunteers in Tzu Chi...we necessarily operate on selfish desires so that we can succeed in this society.  We do not live in a monastery.  We operate in "desire mode" everyday.  What SHIFT in perspective is Master suggesting for us though?  What SHIFT in our THINKING about our everyday lives can help us from having our selfish desires overcome and rule us...pulling us 
  2. "...I just said if we do not recognize impermanence, we will constantly struggle. There will be many conflicts, interpersonal conflicts and also conflicts with animals. In life, the strong eat the weak. People eat the meat of the weak. You see, this is terrifying..."  When we purchase animal flesh, when we consume it, when we aid in the killing of animals (frequenting restaurants that serve animals), we are creating conflicts with the animals we kill for the desire of our taste-buds.  The taste sensation of eating animal flesh is the sole reason humans kill animals for food.  Share your understanding or ideas about how Master is connecting IMPERMANENCE (truly understanding what it means in our daily lives) with adopting a Vegetarian Lifestyle? 
  3. We kill or control animals for our own desires.  Please watch this video link.   Now, please click on this link to see slaughter statistics i the USA (all figures are in  THOUSANDS... that is, add three zero's to every column for actual).    Given the above, if we are able to transcend our desire for the taste of animal flesh...what does this give us, personally, in our everyday lives?   In our own personal sutra of this world...what does a new relationship with animals bring us?  How does it help us understand Impermanence?

2013.12.21 Wisdom at Dawn Study Group Water Repentance Transcript ‎[The Eleven Universal Agents Part 2]‎