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2014.02.01 Water Repentance [9p PT] The Eleven Universal Agents [Part 8]

posted Feb 1, 2014, 12:11 PM by Seminar Coordinator   [ updated Feb 1, 2014, 3:50 PM ]

2014.02.01 The Eleven Universal Agents [Part 8]

Discussion Topics to Consider

  1. "Ignorance in this life is a continuation from our past lives. It is born from our past habitual tendencies. Habits are born from ignorance, and ignorance is born form habits life after life, constantly feeding each other. In this way, since Beginningless Time, ever since one thought of ignorance arose, it has been continually carried forward until now."  This sounds amazing like the Story of Adam and Eve.  It was one sin, the taking and eating of an Apple by Eve, that led us to abandon our true nature.  "From one to infinity"... what do you think?
  2. "If we can give at the appropriate time, endure when we should endure, then that is the Dharma. If the Dharma is in our hearts, we will not be stingy."  Please share how you think of how we put this into practice in Tzu Chi?  Does/can this practice overflow into our daily lives?
  3. "We should make use of external conditions by using the Dharma I am explaining in our daily lives. Only then can we gradually eliminate ignorance. Nurture good habits and get rid of bad ones."   What is a Good Habit that we can nurture and develop TODAY that will help us to gradually eliminate our ignorance by taking in the Dharma daily... Share with us your tools or ideas or realizations...  It can and should be simple...

2014.02.01 - Water Repentance - Wisdom at Dawn Transcript - The Eleven Universal Agents ‎(Part 8)‎