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2014.03.29 SNN: The Sixteen Views [Part 3]

posted Mar 23, 2014, 5:26 AM by Seminar Coordinator   [ updated Mar 29, 2014, 8:27 PM ]

2014.03.29 The Sixteen Views ‎[Part 3]‎

Discussion Topics

  1. Most of the Trainees in the NW Region have the following common traits:  a.  They live in a wealthy country b. They live near a "cultural capital", they are in good health c.  They are exposed to the Dharma d. They are educated e. They are capable of doing well and helping others.  Master attempts to tell us time after time that this is indeed so very rare.  That we are so very fortunate to have been born into this time and place.  Why is it so difficult to truly appreciate these blessings?  Is not true Gratitude hard to learn? What can Tzu Chi do for us to teach us?  Did Healthy Fresno help us understand more?  Please share an experience or how you learn this art of gratitude.
  2. But in this life we only care about how we feel. In this life, we want to achieve certain results. We have hopes and dreams that we like to achieve, so we are not concerned with the means we use to achieve them. This is the human lifespan; this is what we struggle for.  Q:  How has Tzu Chi changed the way we struggle?  Has the work that we do, or the wisdom we obtain from Master's Teachings changed or lessened the confusion or problems associated with this process?  Can you share an example of how your struggles in everyday life are different now and before Tzu Chi?
  3. People get attached to having a long life. However, not every life is bright and happy. If one's physical and mental health are not good, one's life will be difficult. We should be grateful for our health. If we can maximize the great potential of our life then it is truly a blessed life.  How can we put this into practice in our lives?  That is, if we are healthy (physically and mentally), HOW does Master suggest we Maximize our potential?  

2014.03.29 SNN Wisdom at Dawn Transcript

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Mar 23, 2014, 5:27 AM