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2014.06.07 SNN: The Sixteen Views [Part 13]

posted Jun 7, 2014, 4:43 PM by Seminar Coordinator   [ updated Jun 7, 2014, 4:57 PM ]

Discussion Topics

  1. The son pointed to the pond and said, "Look, in the pond is a piece of gold, I saw this thing and looked for it, but there was nothing. I jumped in and out several times. Now I am really tired." 父親就再探頭下去看,果然有一個金像,但是這位父親就說:「有啦!我看到了水裡有一個金像,但是你要知道,這是影子,這不是真的有一個金像在水底,這個金像應該是在樹上。可能是小鳥叼來掛在樹上,或是有什麼原因而掛在樹上。無論如何,這個金像並不是在池裡。」 The father craned his neck to look. And, sure enough, there was the gold. So this father said, "I see the gold in the water. But you should know it's a reflection. It isn't really in the water. This gold is actually in the tree. Maybe a small bird hung it there, or maybe it got there some other way, but it isn't in the water." 果然抬頭一看,對啊!這是好像一塊輕輕的金牌,用繩子綁著,掛在樹梢上。「對啊!在樹上!我怎麼一直、一直都是在水裡摸?摸得我全身都是泥土。其實只要到樹上,一拿就下來了,為什麼我會這樣呢!」 The boy looked up, and indeed, a shiny gold medal was and indeed, a shiny gold medal was hanging on the tree by a cord. "It's in the tree!" said the boy "Why did I keep looking in the water? Why did I get myself all muddy? I could have just climbed the tree. Why did I do this to myself?"   DISCUSSION:  These last words "why did I do this to myself?"  Please share your take on this perspective... can we also ask the same questions whenever we get muddy with [Life]?
  2. Everyone, although we are also in the mud of this world, in the ordinary ignorance of sentient beings, we can develop our own awareness. We have the pure and radiant Buddha-nature. 所以各位,學佛,我們要時時提醒自己,不要如同那位憨直的人一般,看到水影有一個金像,就搞得自己那麼的辛苦,身心疲勞,全身還一身污染,實在是很不值得。 Everyone, in practicing Buddha-Dharma we must always remind ourselves not to be like that foolish boy who saw the gold reflected in the water. We must avoid putting ourselves through hardship, exhausting our body, and becoming covered in filth. It is really not worth it.   DISCUSSION:  Reminding ourselves is hard and tiresome... we forget so easily.  What do we do?

Seminar Coordinator,
Jun 7, 2014, 4:44 PM