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2014.01.18 The Eleven Universal Agents (Part 6) 十一遍使(六)

posted Jan 18, 2014, 9:08 AM by Seminar Coordinator   [ updated Jan 18, 2014, 8:29 PM ]

2014.01.18 The Eleven Universal Agents (Part 6)

Discussion Topics

  1. In Tzu Chi, we use the concept of "Gratefulness" quite allot... How has your concept of this term changed as you have come to know more and more about the Dharma, Tzu Chi and Master's thinking?   Has this change in your understanding of this term changed your life in a particular or general way?  Please share your thoughts...
  2. "The earth does not ask for repayment from anything. Bodhisattvas also do not ask for repayment. This kind of giving without asking for return is being a Bodhisattva."  Is this not an amazing perspective?  To look at the way we are supposed to behave by looking to the planet Earth as an example to emulate?  Why is this so cool?
  3. We absolutely must not let doubt arise.  The correct path has been clearly shown to us. If we are not resolute in upholding our vows, it is easy to develop doubts. From doubt, foolish ideas arise. So if we doubt, we become foolish.  The word "foolish" in Chinese is. "doubt" with "illness" added.

     Question:   What advice would you give to others who may be experiencing DOUBTS about the Tzu Chi Path?  OR--- how EASY is it to develop DOUBTS?  When doubts come, what is the best way back?

2014.01.18 Wisdom at Dawn Water Repentance Transcript ‎[The Eleven Universal Agents Part 6]‎