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2013.11.02 SNN: The Nine Bonds (Part 9) STINGINESS

posted Oct 28, 2013, 6:18 AM by Seminar Coordinator   [ updated Nov 2, 2013, 5:47 PM ]

2013.11.02 SNN: The Nine Bonds ‎(Part 9)‎

Discussion Topics

1.    On Selfishness Master says, "In a place of practice, we practice in harmony. Can a selfish person be successful here? No, there is no way." In life, it is inevitable that we encounter situations where we must work with people who are selfish. - If you have met someone like this (at work, school, Tzu Chi, or otherwise), please share how you dealt with it. - Or, share an instance where you have been that selfish person. When did you realize your behavior was selfish and what would you have done differently (if any) given another chance?

2.   On Attachment - What are some things you find difficult to let go of? - How does this attachment influence decisions you make in daily life?

3.   On The Shopkeeper's Story - What is the old shopkeeper's life philosophy? - Please share moments when you've witnessed something that brought you joy! What are ways we can pass on this joy?

2013.11.02 SNN: The Nine Bonds ‎(Part 9)‎ GREED