Tzu Chi Study Groups

Global Dharma Study Schedule:

30 MINUTES: Master's Teaching via DaAi TV YouTube Video
60 MINUTES: Sharing and discussion of volunteers via SKYPE IM Message





Taiwan Malaysia Singapore Perth

05:30 (5:30 am)

08:30 (8:30 am)

13:30  (1:30 pm

14:30  (2:30 pm)

21:30 (9:30 pm)

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A Tzu Chi Dharma Study Group for English speaking Tzu Chi Volunteers around the world.  Global Dharma Study (GDS) is conducted online (SKYPE) using IM Text (no cameras or microphones, typing only).

Express Registration LINK for all Tzu Chi Volunteers to enable access to the Global Dharma Study IM Chat Room.  No commitments or pressure to participate.

Message from Master about Study Groups

Weekend Dharma Sessions