Our Next Seminar

Our next Seminar will focus on the vision of Master Cheng Yen's Education Mission.  

What is the underlying philosophy behind this mission?

What makes the Tzu Chi's educational methods different from other methods?  Why is there this difference?

What motivates Tzu Chi teachers to undertake their mission with such dedication and passion?  

This is Education.....

Tzu Chi's Way of Education

The Mission of a Tzu Chi Teacher

Seminar 3 The Mission of Education Agenda April 15, 2012

Video and Photo Essay Seminar 3 The Mission of Education 15 April 2012

Tzu Chi NW Region English Training Seminar: The Mission of Education

Chant the Sutra of Innumberable Meaning無量義經.WMV

Walking Meditation Chant

Opening Prayer

Life Wisdom

Master Cheng Yen's Vision of The Mission of Education PPT

Tzu Chi School sharing by student Veronica PPT

Tainan Elementary School's Principal Lin ‎‎(Retired)‎‎ PPT

History of Mission of Education

Different, Not Weird

Dunderbach's Sausage Machine

Tzu Chi Etiquette: Entering Room for Dining

Before Meal Offering Chant

Sign Language A Clean Planet PPT

Mission of Education in Action

The Power of 5 Case Study Workshop