2013.11.30 The Lotus Sutra Preface (1)

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Lotus Sutra Preface (1)

Discussion Topics

  1. "The Jing Si path is to diligently practice the teaching of Infinite Meanings. Our bodies and minds are tranquil and clear. With vows as vast as the endless void, we will remain unwavering. All of us, as Tzu Chi volunteers, must first have this thought. We must make a vow. We must have the aspiration to promote the Noble Path for the Buddha's teachings and for sentient beings. The teachings that the Buddha left behind in this world are what we must promote.We do not just listen to or talk about them. We must physically practice them." Tzu Chi is more than just the Four Missions. We must use what we learn in Master's Teachings to Practice the Four Missions. What happens if we don't? Why can't we just do the Four Missions without learning the Buddhist Philosophy behind their practice? What harm does it do to keep our mind closed?
  2. "The true path to all Dharma is the Wondrous Dharma Lotus Flower Sutra. For the first 42 years, the Buddha's teachings were provisional. After 42 years, He began revealing the perfect teachings, which is the Wondrous Dharma Lotus Flower Sutra. Therefore, we are not just applying these teachings, we need to reverently take them to heart and make offerings to them." What is Reverence? For instance, can we be reverent to the Buddha Dharma even if we are a Jew, Christian or Muslim?
  3. "So, starting from now, I hope we will all be farmers of the fields in our minds. Now is the right time to sow seeds. Just as a farmer is reverent, respects the heavens and earth, and knows the proper season to plant, so too must we seize this moment to truly purify and brighten our minds. Therefore, every day, we must be very reverent and treat all the people around us as Buddhas and Bodhisattvas assembled on a cloud of incense by showing them this respect. I believe that if we constantly nurture and develop this mindset, every day our mind will be refreshed and we will draw near to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. So everyone, please always be mindful." DISCUSSION: Is this allot to ask?....but compare this to what Master told Sr. Jasmine, Sr. Judy, Br. Pohan, Br. Gary and Br. Greg just two weeks ago. Evaluate this and return with your comments after viewing this brief video: Message to Newly Certified Volunteers http://youtu.be/JZCMvIl0LtI

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