2013.12.07 Lotus Sutra (Preface 2)

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Lotus Sutra Preface ‎(2)‎

Discussion Questions

  1. In this very touching and poignant episode, Master describes the very essence of the Jing Si Dharma Lineage as arising from the Lotus Sutra.  Master then describes her personal experience and the immensity of the impact it made upon her to this day.  When Master says: "We must all train our minds so that when we face any person, matter or condition, we will use a selfless and pure mind to deal with everything."   Do you think that this is possible for us?  Why yes or no?
  2.  "So, as long as we are very sincere, a distance of over 2000 years means nothing. With a heart of sincerity, we have already returned to the Buddha's Lotus Dharma-assembly at Vulture Peak. Sincerity in prayer is very crucial, especially when bowing to and chanting the Lotus Sutra. Every word in it is precious, so we must chant every word sincerely"  Master asks us for our sincerity.  Sincerity is only achieved when we remove our doubts.  Master advises that if we have doubts, we should do all we can to learn, read, watch and then satisfy ourselves of any doubts.  Without doubts, we can be free and have genuine sincerity.  Please share how you learn about Tzu Chi... for instance...Life Wisdom/Books/Videos/DVD's...what is your source of education to learn more..?  Do you have a routine everyday? Or every week?  Share with each other what works for you..

2013.12.07 Lotus Sutra ‎(Preface 2)‎

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