2013.12.21 The Lotus Sutra [Preface Part 4]

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2013.12.21 Lotus Sutra Preface Part 4

Discussion Topics

Topics for Discussion:

  1. If this happens, then I vow to do that.... If I get this...or I don't get that...then I will do this...  This is a form of deal-making connected with selfish desires... How does this compare or contrast with the Prayer that we say in Tzu Chi...at every event and even at the end of our Group Study program? 
  2. "This [indecision] is what we need to repent. Actually, it is not that difficult to nurture a loving heart. We do not need to make vows in a specific way; we just need to have a loving heart, which is by itself a vow to purify our minds. We did not know we were wrong. We were wrong in the past, but now we will begin to cleanse and reform ourselves and quickly change our attitude toward living. This is the right way. This is how we make a great vow."   Through the creation of Tzu Chi, Master Cheng Yen has created a structure by which to nurture a loving heart and return to our Pure Nature.  What's the hardest part in doing so? Please share the most difficult aspect for you..
  3. "Once we purify our minds, we can attain even what we do not seek. This natural way of living benefits humankind and can also be used to educate others. This is a "natural and uncontrived vow, which is a great vow."  In this lecture,  Master explains how when we make a vow at each moment to live with Good Words, Thoughts and Deeds, we naturally attain and are not constantly seeking, and seeking, and seeking...  Does this definition of a a "GREAT VOW" differ from what you may have thought before?  What do you think?  How have these 24 minutes changed your perspective about Tzu Chi and The Lotus Sutra?  

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