2013.12.28 The Wondrous Lotus Sutra [Preface Part 5]

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2013.12.28 Preface Part 5

Discussion Topics

  1. Master reminds us that when we have no expectations, we remove our afflictions.  Does this mean that Master has no expectations of Certified Volunteers?  How about our local Community leaders in Tzu Chi?  Do they have expectations of fellow Tzu Chi volunteers?  After all, if we do not expect anything from others, we will never be disappointed... Right?  Share your thoughts about if this is correct thinking or not...
  2. ""When the body and mind are pure, seeds of purity will increase." We need to understand that to purify our body and mind, we must have no expectations or any sense of gain or loss."  If we have a group study on Saturday night and 300 people are online....or if we have a Group Study and 3 people are online... Is there every a question of "gain or loss"  How do you think Master would want us to look at this?
  3. "Acts of reverence are not limited to engaging in ceremonies at temples. Actually, our daily behavior can already bring us closer to our vows. Thus, we act out our vows. In our daily living, every day, the thoughts that stir and the actions we take are the means of acting out our vows. So, we change our habitual tendencies by engaging with people and matters and these interactions urge us forward. Therefore, these are ways of acting out our vows."  Master has designed Tzu Chi as a place to act out our vows.  It is a training ground.  Often, when we are in training, we fail frequently.  We are all learning in Tzu Chi.  Certification is the very beginning of learning.  Do these ideas seem different than what you believed before joining Group Study?

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