2014.01.11 The Universe is Endless, the Dharma Ever-present

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2014.01.11 The Universe is Endless, the Dharma Ever-present

Discussion Topics

  1. "We hope to be able to combine the Dharma, our thoughts of spiritual cultivation, and the practice of these teachings in working with others. By doing this, we wish to manifest the spirit of the Lotus Sutra."    How does Group Study address Master's hope for us as Tzu Chi Volunteers?
  2. " Our great perfect mirror wisdom can create all things. Because it perceives all things in the universe, this mirror can reflect the wisdom that is hidden deep within. But if we do not purify that wisdom, it will become knowledge, then our minds will know a lot and understand a lot. Once that happens, our minds will begin to give rise to desirous and greedy thoughts. When true and clear wisdom has been deluded by external conditions, it acts as “knowledge” and “intellect.” Such knowledge and intellect will unleash boundless greed. Our greedy thoughts will be as numerous as all the things in the world."  How does Master suggest we live life then?  Are we not to acquire knowledge and intellect?  What protects us in Tzu Chi as we do acquire these abilities through our education so that we can not "unleash boundless greed"..
  3. Did the Buddha invent Dharma?  What did he do instead?  What is Master attempting to do now?

2014.01.11 Wondrous Lotus Sutra ‎[The Universe is Endless, the Dharma Ever-present]‎