2014.01.18 Dharma-nature is Everlasting and Endless

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2014.01.18 Dharma-nature is Everlasting and Endless

Discussion Topics

  1. 1.      Master reminds us that we must spread the Seeds of Love as Bodhisattva’s in this world.  Master explained how even one grain of rice is actually a result of all past generations of rice, seeds, water, nutrients, sun, etc.  The same is true of water.. actually the water we drink today was also present millions of years ago…  in another form perhaps, but still here.  When we look  at Dharma in this way, is it easier to understand Master’s hopes for humanity now?  How, life after life, (like the grain of rice), Bodhisattva’s of Tzu Chi benefit and work to help in purifying society…  Please share your thoughts…

    2.      “You and I created a karmic connection in the past, so now we live together every day.”  Is there something that makes you believe this to be true?  Dreams, thoughts, coincidences?  Your thoughts?

    3.      “We are all born with an intrinsic nature, one equal to the Buddha's. Why have we not attained Buddhahood after the Buddha explained so much? Because karmic retributions prevent our minds from eliminating afflictions. Our mind is not yet clear, so the lotus flower has not manifested.”  This first sentence is extremely important in Tzu Chi…the next supports the first.  This is a central understanding of Tzu Chi….  Why do you think Master wants us to take in and firmly believe in this understanding?

2014.01.18 Wondrous Lotus Sutra ‎[Dharma Nature is Everlasting and Endless]‎