2014.01.25 Five Periods of Teachings Based on Capabilities

posted Jan 25, 2014, 4:29 PM by Seminar Coordinator   [ updated Jan 25, 2014, 5:03 PM ]

2014.01.25 Five Periods of Teachings based on Capabilities

Discussion Topics

  1. "So this is the great cause for which he came to the human realm, to figure out how to teach sentient beings."  What is it that the Buddha wishes us to know above all else?  
  2. "Humans are more blessed than other beings. Therefore, we must uphold precepts and create blessings."  Why is this so?  (page 3)  Please share your thoughts on this idea and how it relates to your relationship with the Precepts.
  3.  Those with limited capabilities and poor causes and conditions will be influenced and tempted by evil. If they practice doing small good deeds, and have a small amount of merits, a benefactor will naturally appear. Can you think of how Tzu Chi works to promote this type of teaching?  Share your thoughts, stories or experiences...

2014.01.25 Wondrous Lotus Sutra Wisdom at Dawn Transcript Five Periods of Teachings Based on Capabilities